Outsourcing Services

Entire Product Outsourcing

You have an idea of your product and want to focus on marketing/sellings only. In this case you completely make us responsible for production.

At your wish we may choose a complete solution - combination of technologies, architecture and programming language - that most appropriate for your future product. We may also give you several alternatives with our comments and recommendations so you may pick one by yourself.

As your product is ready and you start sellings - you may be sure, there are will be change requests/customization requests from your Customers as well as support needed to answer their questions. We will handle this, allowing you to concentrate on ideas of new features and on new sellings.We are sure you are outstanding in innovations and sellings. You may be sure we are professionals in Software Development.

Partial Product Outsourcing
You already have your product and probably two alternatives

- It is a successful product and on big demand on the market.

Your current on-site team is overloaded and we know that finding new talented staff is not an easy task. You have a lot of customization requests and/or new ideas for new features and anxious to have it implemented shortly, but your team can provide it only in 6 months...

You need more staff - there is where we can apply. If for your product implementation you use technologies that we are professionals in (for instance .NET platform or Java/J2EE - please check our Skills page for entire list) - outsource to us - we will be glad to help. We will transparently extend your existing team by setting up same environment, following existing software architecture and any developing standards you have in your Company. So, by engaging Smart Hitech you virtually extend your own team making your product new features be delivered shortly and making your Customers happier with new level of support.

- It is an almost-ready product and you are sure it will hit the market but as very often happens investments were underestimated and your funds go down.

You may want to save your money and still have project finish by outsourcing it to Smart Hitech! We have considerable lower prices compared to pure India software development Companies and even to individual India employees. We can do 2-3 times more work within the same budget. Contact Us!


You are IT Consultant and your client base and projects they need to launch are starting to be out of your abilities even if you work 24 hours a day? Or you already have on-site team but they do not meet your high criteria for quality? Maybe you want to increase your margins?

Consider outsourcing projects to us

ou will still have contracts signed directly with you and your Client even may not know that some of work is done by Inc.

Many end-clients have negative impression or have had bad experience with outsourcing projects offshore. Usually, main reason is a lack of on-site presence, so offshore team does not understand clearly what users really want and either

- underestimate project and thus can't perform it within stated budget and/or schedule, or - deliver not what users originally requested leaving them unhappy with results.

Outsourcing Experience

Also, when projects are big enough and need frequent builds to be deployed rapidly in answer on Users change requests, lack of on-site presence results in delaying of User change requests gathering and sometimes in misunderstanding of where "to move this button". This makes "User request->new application build" turnaround too slow. This is where you may be very valuable. Gathering requirements from Users in their terminology, translating it to the technical words and passing it to us, showing prototypes when it's ready, gathering change requests, helping users deploy new builds - shortly, taking care about Users and results, not about process of development. We have success stories working within this scheme - converting end-users Company bad outsourcing experience to successful projects set and even making outsourcing an integral part of their software development strategy.